Demolition – Ashghal Projects (PWA)

About Demolition – Ashghal Projects (PWA)

Construction and Upgrade of Rayyan Road Project 7 Contract 2, West of Olympic R/A to West of New Rayyan R/A Doha, Qatar

Horizon Group Al Bairaq was the main demolition contractor assigned by Doğuş İnşaat ve Tic. A.Ş JV to carryout the demolition works for the related project

Scope of works:

1. Demolish and remove the dprese out of site to the approve tipping area for 200 buildings.
2. Demolish and dispose out of site Al RAYAN PETROL STATION, it was one of most daring and complicated demolition works due to variety of activities involved to complete the works and securing the underground tanks.
  • Fuel removal from underground tanks.
  • Purging tanks by nitrogen.
  • Flushing the fuel tanks with water then disposal of contaminated water to MIC dedicated area.
  • Remove the underground dispensers, submersible pumps, piping & tanks then transport to disposal area

Demolition, Excavation, Earthworks , Roads and Other Infrastructure Works